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Glorious Years

HwCg stands for Hedley Wright & CO. HwCg is one of the top producers of quality wines in UK and other countries. The company was founded in 1982 and was sold to PLB in 2002. HwCg has became known in winery and brewery, and known for top quality beverages, we can only make. There is no question about the quality of our products because they undergo tough screening process before they go to your baskets. As a result, the company became successful. However after all the hard work, we had to sell HwCg to our greatest rival in winery industry, the PLB during recession.

New Adminsitration

The recession has impacted our sales, and despite our unwillingness to back down, we had to make the toughest decision of our lives. To save our thousands of employees and continue to support the livelihood of our farmers, we had to sell it. PLB made a promise that they will do everything they can to run the company while taking care of the people who are working for us. You may read more about the acquisition by going to www.decanter.com


HwCg Today

After giving up the company to PLB, we became a small independent company. If you’d like a taste of the best wines we produce, you can place your order at www.hedleywright.co.uk. We guarantee that nothing has change on the quality. We used to be this big company, right? Our expertise with wines and brewery never faded.

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