grape vines

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet has thin branches but comes with big bunch of pulps. All wine makers know what this fruit is capable of when it comes to flavor and great wine. Cabernet is massively harvested in Canada and Lebanon. It has full of strong tannins and acids. These elements are important in wine’s aging process. Notes: Blackcurrant, green bell pepper, mint and cedar.


A Burgundy’s pride the Chardonnay. In wine, it can give you crisp, full bodied, and buttery taste. The aroma of this fruit is striking while the taste is neutral. For wine makers in Burgundy, no grapes can match the complexity and quality of wine made from Chardonnay. It is a true gem for wine lovers out there.┬áNotes: hazelnut, butter, citrus, peach, melon, banana and mango. The notes that come out through aging depends on the weather temperature.


Grenache is common in France and Spain. It can thrive harsh sunny environment where other grapes will wither and die. Wines made from Grenache are sweet and have high alcohol content. It creates a strong flavor and spicy notes due to glycerol and alcohol. Notes: herbs, spice, white pepper and raspberry.


Argentina has become the highest producers of Malbec today. Unlike Grenanche, this type of grapes need full attention and care which affected its price. Malbec is a create combination with Carbenet Sauvignon, Clarets, Franc, and Petit Verdot. Notes: Blackberries, Mulberries, Smoke, Leather, Brambly fruit.


Merlot is very juicy and has fruit forward taste. Despite its popularity, Merlot is considered to be unappreciated by wine lovers. It will give you medium bodied wines low in tannin and has fruity flavor. Notes: Baked figs, gentle spices, chocolate, red fruits, and summer pudding.

Pinot Noir

It is loved by wine makers because it gives them challenge. It’s hard to make the right wine out of these grapes but when it was done with success, the taste is priceless. It works with other grapes as well in terms of Champagne making. They love Pinot Noir because it has the proper balance between fruit flavors and spice flavors. Notes: strawberry, forest fruits, violets, leaf mould, and veggies.


Riesling thrive in a cool and with low sun environment. It is considered to be the most difficult type of grapes to grow. Australia and New Zealand are the highest producers of Riesling. Wines from Riesling has the proper amount of alochol and have fresh aromas that will make any wine lovers close their eyes in astonishment. Notes: lime juice, mineral, citrusy, flowery, and kerosene.